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Name:Flexible automatic line


 For multi variety, small batch. Our company has developed a fully automatic flexible production line.
Specific features are as follows:
1. eliminate the conversion time of CNC machine tool product switching, improve the utilization rate of machine tools.
2. realize the automatic management of parts processing tooling, at the same time increase the parts tooling flushing equipment, realize the regular maintenance and cleaning of parts tooling.
3. realize the characteristics of the three parts, process, equipment, people.
4. customer existing machine tools make appropriate changes, you can enter the automatic production line soft, reduce customer input costs.
5. automatic production line can be assembled equipment include: CNC horizontal machining center, CNC vertical machining center, surface grinder, CNC vertical lathe and other numerical control equipment.
6. accord with industrial 4 development concept, realize automatic flexible production.
Overall design:




 Design introduction:




General robot is used for pallet handling.
+The guide rail adopts QT500-7 resin sand casting to improve the strength and stability of the guide rail. The five face machining center is used for standardized processing, and the 2 meter /3 meter section is used to realize the combination of any length.
+Install heavy rail, rack structure drive.
+ four layer shelf structure, make full use of the movement space of the manipulator.
+The guide rail, shelf, tooling pallet are standardized module design, which is convenient for future project implementation and shorten the project implementation time.