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Name:VMC1270 vertical machining center


First, the main use:
The machining center of vertical bed type structure, X, Y axis and Z coordinate control, maximum fast transfer speed of 24m/min; spindle servo motor drive, power is 11/15Kw, maximum speed up to 8000rpm; Taiwan imported silver double nut preloading C3 ball screw and heavy load of linear rolling guide. Both ends of the screw pre stretching mechanism, which greatly eliminates the influence of hot deformation on the precision of the machine tool, machine tool positioning accuracy of + 0.005mm, repeat positioning accuracy of + 0.003mm; imported Taiwan knife, the knife changing capacity 16-24 optional, accurate and reliable, the fastest tool change time less than 2.5 seconds; CNC operating system with customer demand that machine can achieve on disc type, plate, shell, cam, mold and other complex parts in a fixture for drilling, milling, boring, reaming, reaming, tapping and other machining processes, Suitable for many varieties, small batch production, for the complex, high precision machining parts can show its superiority; fourth, fifth axis machine tools such as configuration, can achieve high efficiency and high precision automatic machining of complex rotary parts. The machine tool is suitable for aviation, aerospace, military, national defense, automobile, motorcycle, engineering machinery, refrigeration, petrochemical, rolling stock and other industries of small and medium-sized parts of high efficiency, high precision and automatic processing.
Two. Main structural features:
High rigidity: adopt the lathe type machining center structure, the machine tool is composed of pedestal, sliding seat, worktable, column and spindle box. The main foundation parts are analyzed by finite element structure, the structure is reasonable, and the rigidity is large;
The machine adopts high speed and high precision and high rigidity spindle unit imported from Taiwan, main material selection of high performance alloy, using NSK special P4 high-speed precision spindle bearings, and use NSK to specify the high speed grease, spindle speed of 8000rpm, the spindle radial runout is less than 0.005/300. Cooling water or spindle can achieve center spindle nose water outlet center, spindle configuration function, can handle some sticky cone off chip and other debris, protect the spindle and handle life.