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Name:Hua Wu flexible automated production line building


 Because of the reduction of the population bonus, the human cost of the domestic manufacturing industry is increasing year by year, and a revolution in manufacturing industry is being carried out in china. More and more manufacturing enterprises have increased the equipment transformation investment, through the middle and high-end CNC equipment, and strive to reduce the amount of labor, reduce the operating costs of enterprises. Automated assembly line production has gradually become the preferred enterprise. "Dark factory" and "unmanned workshop" become possible.
The manufacture of middle and high end CNC equipment, the integration of robot R & D and automated assembly line complement each other, and enjoy the experience mutually. It can effectively reduce the cost of human resources, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Automated pipelining is the integration of complex manufacturing processes from raw materials to product manufacturing processes. The numerical control equipment and robot are used as the unit to complete the whole manufacturing process. The application of automatic assembly line is a revolution in manufacturing industry, which reduces labor cost to the maximum. It can be applied to almost all batches of products without machining process. By our own design and integration of Jiangling axle plant, a steering knuckle production line was obtained in the year of Jiangling group performance promotion gold medal, the performance improvement rate reached 119.4%. At present, Hua Wu brake is negotiating with our company to complete the automatic assembly line transformation of 4 wind power line parts processing, and has entered the preliminary stage.