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2015 Jiangxi informatization and industrialization deep integration promotion me

Author:administration  Date :[2015-11-24 14:23:13]

In November 12th, the 2015 Jiangxi informatization and industrialization deep integration promotion meeting and on-site matchmaking meeting was held in Nanchang International Exhibition center.
Will promote the "integration, intelligent, green, upgrade as the theme, with two of the depth of integration as the main line, highlighting the innovation driven, intelligent transformation and green development, is committed to the application as the core, market-oriented, with enterprises as the main body, the use of information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, develop new industries, intelligent to improve the level of manufacturing production, management and service, promote the eco industrial system is established under the condition of informationization, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry. The State Ministry of industry and the leadership of Jiangxi, academicians, well-known experts and scholars, some well-known domestic enterprises, key universities, scientific research institutions, the main person in charge of more than 1000 people to participate in the promotion meeting.
After the meeting, Qiang Wei, Secretary of the provincial Party committee of Jiangxi Province, carried out a tour of the participants under the leadership of the Provincial Committee of letters and commissions and mayor Guo An. At the special booth, general manager Liu Hua focuses on the automatic production line project of our company and the latest linear motor drive high speed machining center and other products. Qiang Wei Secretary watched the automatic production line process and the linear motor in high speed machining parts, said intelligent manufacturing in Jiangxi is full of confidence, and encourages the general manager Liu Hua continue to continue to innovate!