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Academician workstation station investigation

Author:administration  Date :[2015-10-13 11:02:44]
 In October 9, 2015, Jiangxi Province Association Committee member, vice president Peng Linghua, director of the Jiangxi Academy of Sciences expert service center Li Guoqiang, Jiangxi Province, the office of human resources and professional technology department deputy director Hu Ping, Nanchang City Association President Zou Yuping, vice chairman of the Nanchang Municipal People's Government of Nanchang County Association for science and technology Yi Ping, deputy governor Wu Xi and other party leaders to visit our inspection station of academician workstation.
Study group of experts looked at the production site, listened to the general manager Liu Hua of academician workstation station report, said very satisfied with my secretary, vice chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Association of Party members, Peng Linghua said the enterprise is very good, hope in the future be able to enterprises bigger and stronger.