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The establishment of the science and Technology Association and the first Congre

Author:administration  Date :[2015-10-13 10:55:29]
 In September 10, 2015, the Jiangxi Association of Jiashi special CNC technology limited company of science and technology was established, becoming blue through the open area of the first enterprise science and technology association.
Nanchang County Committee, vice mayor Yang Baogen, Nanchang City Association President Zou Yuping, Secretary of Nanchang City Business Association, Nanchang County Wei Tax Association chairman Deng Guohua, Nanchang County, Wang Peng attended the inaugural meeting of the Association for science and technology.
Advocate innovation, emphasis on technology, demanding quality, is a weapon that we open up the market, to further strengthen the work of science and technology policies to encourage, encourage technical personnel to strengthen the research capacity and institution building, to promote the enterprise to carry out technical introduction, transnational business activities, promote cooperation and reorganization among enterprises, between enterprises and research institutions, expand enterprise the scale, enhance the strength of enterprises, vigorously promote scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, promote enterprise employees to improve the quality of science and technology, at the beginning of 2015 the company decided to prepare for the establishment of the association. Under the support of provincial and city leaders, the inaugural meeting of the first science and Technology Association of the company was successfully held.