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Jiangxi JUST CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the blue economic and Technological Development Zone, is a company engaged in high-end CNC equipment manufacturing, precision parts machining solutions, automated assembly line integration and related technical support unit. Technical support includes CNC machining, high-end CNC machine tool manufacturing, development, manufacture and application of robot automatic assembly line design, NC programming and maintenance of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools and CNC sales technical training. The company always adhere to provide users with the best program, the most timely corresponding, the most characteristic service".
The company for many years committed to foreign advanced high-end CNC equipment maintenance and transformation, accumulated a large number of advanced CNC equipment application control technology. After absorption, application, re innovation, the company began in 2007 the high-end CNC equipment independent R & D and manufacturing. With excellent quality, in just a few years time, the product has entered the Jiangling, Hongdu, Hua Wu and other large enterprises for the processing precision of key parts. At the same time I also use self-developed CNC machine tool manufacturing production of a large number of high precision components for aircraft parts and auto parts Jiangling hongdu. The company always adhere to the user oriented, quality of life. At present, the company has passed the AS9100C aerospace quality system certification. Jiangxi Jia Shi special as a province enterprise, by increasing brand promotion, is bound to bring a very good choice of CNC equipment for smes.
We have included Hongdu group, JMC, Hua Wu, Jiang motor brake is one of the more than 10 core customers with Changhe mold factory, East China Jiaotong University and other more than 20 peripheral customers, has more than 100 customers, has a total of more than 100 customer resources.
The company has established a strong R & D team, established the intelligent equipment development, precision processing technology and new product development and other technical groups. The existing technical team has 30 people, including 4 senior engineers, 1 doctors, 1 returned students and masters. In addition, the company pays attention to the cooperation of industry, University and Research Institute and the training of technical talents. The company often deals with the technical exchange and training with Siemens and Fanuc in japan. At the same time, the company also with the Nanchang University College of mechanical and electrical engineering to establish a deep cooperation between production and research, new product development, 2 associate professor at the Nanchang University has led the graduate student to participate in the project, these enterprises continue to carry out technological innovation and promote the industrialization of innovation has laid a good foundation.